Mondays à 7pm : Yin Yoga
Fridays à 12pm : Vinyasa

20€ per lesson and per person

Gabriela welcomes you on Mondays and Fridays in the Workshop, on the ground floor, for yoga classes in small groups.
"I encourage my students to explore their bodies, to concentrate, to meditate and practice asanas (postures) in full consciousness so that they can freely adapt their practice to their needs. I am here to accompany and guide them safely."

Hôtel Rosalie - Atelier


Yin Yoga is a gentle practice, very beneficial for connective tissues: tendons, ligaments, fascias and joints.

The postures are held for a long time (between 1 and 20 min) in a state of intense relaxation without any muscular engagement and accompanied by slow and deep breathing.


Hôtel Rosalie - Atelier


Dynamic and invigorating, vinyasa yoga is a creative, fluid and active sequence of asanas, all synchronized with the breath.