Open Garden

A hidden garden to wind down in the middle of the city

Behind the tall facade of the entrance, under the gaze of the Roman muses on our rooftop ter-race, a series of hidden gardens are the perfect place to unwind.

Rosalie gives nature the time and space it needs to regain its place. Little by little, our terraces will be taken over by plants insinuating themselves in crevices, giving free reign to a revegetation of the city.

Hôtel Rosalie - Open Garden

Merci Raymond

Rosalie is a place that’s alive, enriched by exuberant vegetation, aiming to reinstate nature at the heart of the urban landscape and provide guests with a leafy green oasis to rest and recuperate in.

To revegetate Rosalie’s terraces, Merci Raymond has developed a long-term project allowing nature to gently re-appropriate our spaces, find its true place, re-acclimatise in the cityscape. The Open Garden has been designed to grow and transform, becoming denser and more luxuri-ous every day.

Come and discover the changing faces of Rosalie throughout the seasons…